ASP3D Update for P3D v5.2

ASP3D update 060821 (B7840) is now available as an OPEN BETA update. This brings new P3D v5.2 compatibility and various other fixes and improvements.

Download the update from our downloads page.


Update June 19, 2021

– [06/19/21] Fixed previous 06/08/21 issue in 5.2 regarding potential loss of aircraft position data leading to wind and other depiction problems

– [06/08/21] P3D v5.2 Compatibility Updates

– [04/22/21] P3D Legacy version support updated and clarified: For P3D4, (HF3) required – For P3D 5.0, (HF2) required – For P3D 5.1, (HF1) required

– [04/22/21] Redesigned several major interfacing components for more stability and performance

– [04/22/21] Fixed sigmet coverage issue relating to Pacific and Oceanic regions

– [04/22/21] Increased sigmet coverage in several international regions

– [02/27/21] Fixed * character missing from Order ID fiend of new user registration screen

– [02/27/21] Fixed potential VATSIM download issue preventing proper vatsim injection

– [01/11/21] Fixed P3D Weather Request menu “cut-off” issue with no back button when “Clear or no clouds below 20,000ft” conditions were reported

– [12/29/20] Additional logging and guidance messages for new ASCA automatic uninstall/repair

– [12/29/20] Fixed potential failure of ASCA uninstall/repair message to be received by ASCA appropriately (which prevented the function from starting properly)

– [12/21/20] New ASConnect changes in attempt to solve remaining occasional stability issues or 2562 error in some cases

– [12/21/20] Adjusted precipitation logic to resolve some occasional cases of unexpected no precipitation depiction in areas of terrain and low clouds

– [12/21/20] Added new “Attempt automatic removal of ASCA content and repair of content locations” to accompany any old ASCA content error issues – When choosing YES to attempt automatic removal/repair, ASP3D will attempt to restore things to a proper default state, and may cause existing add-on entries to be removed, so re-installation or re-activation of clouds/sky content may be needed after performing this step

NOTE: In some cases, a P3D CONTENT item reinstall may be needed for full repair of associated clouds/sky content

– [12/13/20] Added new detailed EA cloud style (vs soft) which can be enabled via the new “Enable detailed EA clouds” option

– [12/13/20] Updated the weather theme/METAR handling for better EA consistency, reporting and accuracy

– [12/13/20] Attempted fix for as_connect_v5.dll sim crash

– [12/13/20] Fixed some ASCA-related integration issues – Now requires ASCA Update 122920 (B7668) or later, available from

– [12/13/20] Added ASCA version check and warning if ASCA must be updated for proper ASP3D integration

– [12/13/20] Added old ASCA location content check and error if any ASCA content is found in the simulator installation location, which is incompatible with ASP3D and later ASCA updates – If this occurs, ASCA must be uninstalled and the latest version reinstalled, or in some rare cases, the P3D CONTENT item must be reinstalled to clear old ASCA content from the actual simulator installation location

– [12/13/20] Fixed potential slow wind smoothing issue

– [12/13/20] Fixed sky conditions icon discrepancy in conditions screen when in EA mode

Note: Prepar3D v5.2 support is now included.  With 5.2, significant new EA improvements and changes have required a re-design of ASP3D EA integration.  This includes removal of the previous ASP3D 5.1-targeted transition smoothing, visibility handling and EA cloud visual depiction adjustments.  These areas have been improved and changed in Prepar3D v5.2 internally.  In the future, we plan to provide additional ASP3D adjustments/enhancements that are 5.2-targeted, based on user feedback.  ASCA cloud texture features are now also partially available while using EA mode, when Volumetric Clouds are disabled in P3D options, since EA + legacy clouds are now optionally available in v5.2. NOTE: For ASCA compatibility, ASCA Build 7668+ must be installed.  New ASP3D users: Before updating, please perform an uninstallation of ASCA to clear any potential conflicting content.  Then install the latest ASCA full installation and optional HD content from our downloads page at