ASXP12 New Update!

ASXP12 B8795 (Update 013024) is now posted officially! Thanks to all those who help test this initially.

This new update includes several new features, enhancements and fixes, and is recommended for all ASXP12 users.

Some of the highlights include new Passive weather mode, new Ground snow conditions control, turbulence tuning and enhancement, improved wx data display and map interpolation output, and improved data download failure switchover.

Download B8795 now from our downloads page!


Update 013024

  • Applied alternate tropopause temperature handling to prevent out of range values causing crashing/issues with some aircraft including HotStart Challenger 650
  • Fixed bug in previous turbulence changes causing excessive turbulence (translational forces) in some cases

Update 012624

  • Adjusted snow coverage depiction to not display snow when surface temps are greater than 5C, to reduce snow depiction when lower snow depth data resolution/processes can indicate snow where it is not expected
  • Added basic smoothing for snow depth (depth changes more slowly, over about 2 minutes minimum to maximum) – some instant terrain snow coverage shifts between certain levels are normal

Update 012524

  • Fixed problem with ground snow conditions persisting incorrectly, which caused snow where there should not be
  • Adjusted conditions representation in all depiction modes for more intuitive weather conditions reporting
  • Adjusted map to display proper variable weather instead of globalized current weather at infinite distances, regardless of depiction mode and XP12 connection status
  • Adjusted turbulence effect based on feedback
  • Reduced turbulence effects overall
  • Fixed issue with excessive vertical force by up/downdraft, turbulence or thermals

Update 012324

  • Changed ground snow control method, allowing proper runway friction depiction (per current conditions) regardless of snow depth – Also allows ground snow control during hybrid or passive weather control modes
  • Added new Passive weather control mode, which uses XP12 live weather mode for weather depiction in the simulator, while all other AS features are enabled including weather reporting, planning, mapping, air effects, turbulence, ground snow control, etc. – Requires Live wx mode and overrides Hybrid wx mode when enabled

Update 012024

  • Fixed issue with download failure detection and auto switchover to DataNet that would cause download failure if METARs failed from NOAA
  • Added new experimental Control ground snow conditions feature/option, using GRIB snow depth data, forcing ground snow conditions (via runway_friction dataref) accordingly in XP12 when GRIB data indicates – This is defaulted ON – Use Map and hover over user aircraft, or the debug screen to see ground snow level information
  • Tuned apparent visual snow depth based on snow depth level
  • Updated documentation