Active Sky XP 12 Released!

ASXP12 brings Active Sky to the X-Plane 12 platform using its new weather and sdk capabilities, enabling highly accurate weather conditions, comprehensive weather reporting, visual weather mapping and planning, specialized XP12 air effects, voice weather delivery, weather briefings, and much, much more!

ASXP12 utilizes the latest version of the HiFi DataNet cloud-based weather network, featuring surface observation data, global forecast modeling, air data analysis and curated weather synthesis for the most realistic and best experience possible.  Live, custom, and advanced historical weather with historical playback is available.

This initial version of ASXP12 is tuned for the latest XP12 releases (official and beta), and will undergo additional improvements as XP12 and its weather system + SDK/API continues to evolve, with additional methods of depiction and several additional new features planned as additional capabilities are realized. 

ASXP12 is offered at $43.99 USD, €39.99 EUR, or £34.99 GBP and is available at participating vendors.

For more, or to buy now, please visit the ASXP12 page as

HiFi would like to thank everyone who participated in the OPEN BETA, and to all our customers and supporters!  We appreciate the opportunity to continue to develop the weather features and integrate with additional platforms that your support enables.  THANK YOU!!!