ASXP12 RC#4 Posted

Release Candidate #4 has been posted. Additional fixes included. Thanks for the participation everyone!

NOTE: To claim and confirm your FREE UPGRADE from ASXP to ASXP12, please install and LOGIN RC2 or later PRIOR to May 19, 2023. The FREE UPGRADE expires after this date.

Please proceed to the downloads page to download RC3. Changelog below:

Release Candidate 4

  • Fixed parsing issue with some SimBrief flight plans
  • Added additional SimBrief plan data/parse error logging

Release Candidate 3

  • Fixed issue with ASXP custom dataref registration/output not correctly activating
  • Increased frequency of cloud scene updates during climb/enroute flight stages

Release Candidate 2

  • Fixed force to sim time issue when sim month/day is later than current month/day (expecting previous-year)
  • Fixed force to sim time issue causing January 1 active date/time before flight starts
  • Various pre-release optimizations and configuration adjustments
  • License and upgrade handling adjustments
  • Note: To upgrade an ASXP license to ASXP12, login with ASXP12 RC2 or later by May 19, 2023. Confirm your upgrade as shown in the ASXP12 startup screen under “Status” (Confirmed upgrades will show ASXP Upgrade to ASXP12…. CONFIRMED!)

Release Candidate 1

  • Further turbulence tuning based on feedback
  • Fixed issue with improper forces in turbulence effect being applied to smaller/lighter aircraft (forces should now result in consistent relative results regardless of aircraft size)
  • Adjusted precipitation logic/depiction for XP12, focusing on improving chance/occurrence of yellow/red on XP12 radar during CB conditions

Beta 14

  • Fixed aircraft unable to pushback with Better Pushback add-on
  • Fixed poor performance in some aircraft with Beta 13
  • Tuned vertical drafts effect
  • Tuned turbulence based on feedback
  • Changed default turbulence scale setting to 50 vs 70 (Easy mode now at 30, Realism mode at 70) and updated relevant documentation
  • Another attempt at resolving rare Error Code = 127 module load issue

Beta 13

  • Added newly designed ASXP12 clear air turbulence effect, replacing all X-Plane 12 internal clear air turbulence
  • Added new option/feature: XP12 live hybrid depiction control. Uses ASXP12 full weather control for departure, switches to XP12 live weather depiction + ASXP12 effects for enroute (above the transition altitude, default 10K), and back to ASXP12 full control for approach and landing (flight plan recommended, live wx mode in AS options required)
  • Added new option: Hybrid transition altitude MSL. Sets the altitude at which climbing above triggers the switch to X-Plane 12 live weather mode. Preloads ISA ambients 3000ft prior to climbing through transitional altitude for reduced apparent shift during mode switch.
  • Miscellaneous attempts at resolving rare Error Code = 127 plugin load issue plus new logging related to plugin loading process
  • Attempt to avoid unwanted precipitation and potential wet runways/airports when not expected by avoiding variations in cumulus cloud types
  • Changed regional variation back to 10% vs. 0% in previous betas for more variation without significant unexpected conditions
  • Changed minimum download interval to 10 mins vs. 5 minutes, changed default to 30 vs 15 (for network cost management with minimal usage effect)
  • Fixed repeating day change issue with historical force to sim time in GMT +/-12 locations (i.e. New Zealand)
  • Fixed automatic setting of wx mode in XP12
  • Fixed problem with ground elevation calculations and layers causing occasional discrepancies outside of departure area
  • Various adjustments to interpolation, cloud synthesis and cloud handling for better XP12 results
  • Attempted fix for rare intermittent hang on exit issue
  • Removed region-based weather option from view as it is mandatory and forced on (future weather depiction mode options are planned)

Beta 12

  • Added new Auto load SimBrief plan option to automatically load SimBrief plans at startup and any location change
  • Adjusted wind and temp layer altitude parameters for better results
  • Adjusted dewpoint parameters in attempt to avoid surface air saturation (and potential wet airports/wet runways at arrival without recent precipitation)
  • Fixed problem with historical time selections/changes not activating in some cases
  • Updated documentation

Beta 11

  • Fixed SimBrief parse error related to lowercase IDs used in flight plan
  • Fixed improper zulu date parsing in some cases when using “Force historical to sim time”
  • Updated logo/title fonts
  • Fixed TAF text box location issue on undocked conditions form

Beta 10

  • New barometric pressure control attempt with enhanced smoothing and improved accuracy
  • New surface layer control method for improved temperature and baro accuracy in XP12 weather reports, datarefs, and other add-ons
  • Fixed ASXP12 crash on XP12 exit in some cases
  • Added Override XP12 surface variability option/feature (on by default) which allows ASXP12 to control surface variability fully
  • Updated documentation

Beta 9

  • Fixed error with some SimBrief plans causing parse error
  • Added thermal rate control
  • Added enhanced wind smoothing for reduced wind shifts
  • Removed obsolete XP11 options (Override turbulence, surface crosswind attenuation, wake turbulence strength)
  • Changed Application startup sounds option default to off
  • Updated documentation

Beta 8

  • Various wind/temp layer adjustments for better results in most cases
  • Fixed potential surface wind variability issue in beta 7
  • Attempted fix for error/crash in Simbrief flight plan import in Beta 7 for some users
  • Attempted fix for ambients error for some users in beta 7 (also updated ambients error message for more relevant info)
  • Added VC++ 2022 x64 redist and auto install
  • Attempted fix for wet airports when not raining/expected
  • Fixed improper application of magnetic variation in wind layers
  • Attempted fix for improper conditions (including clouds/precip) after relocating aircraft in some cases
  • Reduced distance-based conditions variability for better wx accuracy and control at all times

Beta 7

  • Added proper destination/departure conditions force when flight plan loaded
  • Fixed potential cloud inconsistency from conditions shown when flight plan loaded
  • Fixed app crash when using an invalid Simbrief user id/name
  • Added username functionality for Simbrief flight plan user ID option (can use username or ID, either should work)
  • Added waypoints/fixes for Simbrief flight plan load
  • Fixed gust issue with too high gust values still in Beta 6
  • Removed non-functional “send error report” button (please send bug/error reports via the site)

Beta 6

  • Fixed remaining connection error 500 in some cases during registration
  • Fixed winds gust/layering issues
  • Added new Simbrief user ID option and auto Simbrief active flight plan fetch by pressing Simbrief button in Flight Plan screen (currently does not import enroute waypoints, only dep/dest/alt/altitudes/speeds)

Beta 5

  • Fixed problem with surface winds vs ambient winds (new to Beta 4) not being applied properly when surface elevation was greater than about 1500ft in some cases
  • Fix for connection issue/error during registration/login in some cases
  • New pressure control method in attempts to resolve potential pressure error for some users
  • Fixed ambient vs surface temperature settings in some cases
  • Added XP12 automatic wx mode selection to Preset/Manually Enter Weather
  • Updated .NET version used to 4.8 vs 4.0
  • Added wind gusts and variability when in surface layer
  • Added new alternative pressure control methods for better results (some users were experiencing baro/altitude issues still in beta 4)
  • Changed cumulus vs stratus algorithm for better results and generally more cumulus clouds
  • Added additional random variation in cloud types and the general cloud scene depicted
  • Attempted fix for Error Code 127 plugin error issue for ASXPConnect12 module preventing proper ASXP12/XP12 Connection
  • Added automatic uninstall of ASXPConnect12 plugin module on ASXP12 app uninstall
  • Added automatic detection and uninstall of old ASXPConnect plugin module, both during uninstall of ASXP12, and during ASXP12 initialization, to prevent conflicts and connection issues if this older module is still installed

Beta 4

  • Added new unique surface winds vs ambient/aloft wind control to provide proper ATIS and surface wind effects when flying above the surface layer
  • Completed initial documentation for ASXP12
  • Changed UI color scheme to be darker based on feedback
  • Fixed UI toolbar text color being too light in some cases
  • Fixed depiction mode default text incorrect in options screen
  • Removed texture installation button, obsolete for XP12
  • Various tuning/adjustments regarding XP12 depiction using latest XP12 12.05b1 version
  • Attempted fix for “ASPXConnect12 cannot be loaded Error Code = 127”
  • Fixed ASXP12 error/crash when using “refresh” button in Flight Plan screen when no departure and destination has been entered first
  • Attempted fix for “Arrival RWY always wet”
  • Reverted/removed “Start with windows” option due to issues here with required Administrator privileges in current app design

Beta 3

  • ****Please UNINSTALL (removing all data) and REINSTALL ASXP12 as several core installation package items and names have changed to enable dual ASXP12/ASXP install support****
  • ****Please also UNINSTALL ASXPConnect from add/remove programs to remove the old ASXPConnect item (this has changed to ASXPConnect12 and if you do not uninstall the old version there will be conflicts preventing a connection in ASXPConnect12)****
  • Fixed XP12 Crash/Freeze/CTD issue in Beta 2
  • Added “Start with Windows” option/feature
  • Attempted fix for potential wind shifts
  • Added unique surface temperature vs. aloft temperature in depiction to prevent visible snow when raining on surface and at negative aloft temps
  • Removed unneeded old references to XP11 datarefs

Beta 2

  • ****Please UNINSTALL (removing all data) and REINSTALL ASXP12 as several core installation package items and names have changed to enable dual ASXP12/ASXP install support****
  • Dropped XP11 support, ASXP12 supports only XP12
  • Dual-Install of both ASXP12 and ASXP (for v11) is now enabled, so you can use either ASXP version for the intended XP version in use
  • Attempted fix for baro pressure issues in several cases
  • Attempted fix for altitude/temp/baro shifts in flight resulting in indicated altitude instability
  • Changed wind/temp layer population method in attempt to eliminate potential rapid temp changes in flight
  • Updated install/configuration sections of documentation for proper XP12 configuration steps (most importantly, regarding choosing Manually Configured weather mode)