Active Sky Official Updates

Update 092619 (Build 7208) for ASP4 and Update 092319 (Build 7205) for ASXP are now officially released. Thanks to all who participated in the recent Open Beta! This update provides recent adjustments, fixes and enhancements for the best experience possible.

Note: If you have already updated to these builds as part of the Open Beta process, you will not need to update again.  If you have not yet updated to these builds, we recommend updating at your convenience.  Your build numbers are shown at the top left of the screen or within the status info home page.  You also will automatically receive an update notification when you start Active Sky if a new official build exists.  If you don’t receive the message, you are already updated!

Please download the updates from our downloads page:

Update Changelogs:

– Fixed issue with surface layer/aloft layer inter-layer interpolation at airports approx 5000ft agl, and a related issue with airports over 3000ft agl
– Fixed issue with “Save manual changed” coming up when changing mode through http/API
– Changed max email address length in forgot password form to 64 vs 30 (was preventing resets for users with long email addresses)
– Clarified manual route entry popup form instructions (in Flight Plan) that Departure and Destination are expected in the route string
– Added hurricane wind speed to better represent variability based on eye and position from eye
– Fixed issue where some hurricanes may become “stuck” for several days at their last known position

ASP4 (B7208 092619):
⦁ P3D 4.5 HF2 compatibility updates
⦁ Made a change to prevent repeated “Cannot control ambient winds” messages
⦁ Attempted fix for rare apparent false-positive MS Defender issue causing crash on startup
⦁ Attempted fix for failure of sim connection to activate due to elevation access check failure during connection/interface activation steps
⦁ Attempted fix for UnauthorizedAccessException on hosts file potentially related to recent windows update
⦁ Added .NET 2.0 to installation package to avoid potential issue on some systems with specific .NET 3.5 configurations
⦁ Fixed issue with invalid surface layer wind conditions at some airports near 5000ft elevation
⦁ Fixed wind inter-layer interpolation bug when ground elevation was above 3000ft
⦁ Added better handling for hurricanes to include variability in wind speed based on position and distance from eye and propery depict >99kts on the surface when appropriate