ASP3D Beta RC1 Posted

B7613 has been posted! This update brings new P3D v5.1 and EA-mode integration and enhancement features to ASP3D.

The update is available to all current ASP3D OPEN BETA Participants who signed up for an ASP3D account before October 10, 2020. This build serves as our first Release Candidate in preparation for final official release very soon.

Please continue to post bug reports and feedback at our ASP3D Open Beta forum as usual. Remember to include as much information as possible including logs, screenshots and duplication steps if possible, so that we can identify and resolve things as efficiently as possible.

Note that EA mode, while greatly improved in P3D v5.1, still has certain limitations and issues which are outlined in the updated User’s Guide (EA Mode Limitations chapter) and should be reviewed by all. We expect limitations and issues to be improved/resolved with the expected P3D updates from Lockheed Martin, coupled with our planned ASP3D improvements designed to take advantage of these updates.

RC#1 Changelog

  • P3D 5.1 integrated
  • P3D 5.1 EA Mode enhancements and depiction tuning
  • P3D 5.1 EA Mode enhanced integration with modified cloud visual parameters
  • P3D 5.1 EA Mode visibility smoothing implemented
  • P3D 5.1 EA Mode effective surface visibility increase for more expected visibility results
  • Added new option “Disable EA volumetric cloud control” – Default OFF – When OFF, ASP3D controls the parameters available in the new volumetricclouds.cfg for improved visual experience – When ON, ASP3D does not control control or affect these parameters – Turn this option ON if you wish to use customized volumetricclouds.cfg modifications
  • Fixed potential interpolation issue related to high-elevation airports and temperature
  • Fixed VATSIM METAR fetching issue


Please download the ASP3D update from our downloads page!