ASP3D New Open Beta

ASP3D B7900 has been posted, as a new round of Open Beta testing is getting underway for those who wish to participate.

Open Beta builds are optional and at your own risk, have limited testing, and they may contain bugs, errors or other issues.

To download now, head over to the HiFi Downloads page. Updates should be done “over the top” of your existing installation.

To post a bug report, please use the ASP3D forum and include as much information as possible.


Open Beta Update – August 19, 2021

– [08/19/21] Significant visibility handling changes for better accuracy, reduced hard line depiction at lower altitudes, and better smoothing when using P3D v5.2 HF1 (or later)

– [08/19/21] Disabled the application of Low and High altitude Volfog horizon distance adjustments when in EA mode, since these options do not have the intended effect – these option descriptions and User’s Guide reference items have been modified to indicate that these options only apply to non-EA mode

– [08/19/21] Removed Maximum Upper Visibility option description in User’s Guide (option removed in previous update and forced to 200 miles for best results)

– [08/19/21] Fixed issue related to Cloud Draw Distance and EA mode with legacy (non-volumetric) clouds, where ASP3D would reduce the apparent cloud draw distance to 80 miles regardless of CDD settings

– [08/19/21] Various small documentation and user option description updates regarding EA-mode applicability

– [08/11/21] Fixed an issue related to loading of multiple previously-saved offline weather files