ASP4 Open Beta Update 030818 Available

ASP4 Update 030818 (B6641) with a new cloud motion effect offset option, several fixes, also featuring P3D v4.2 compatibility, is now OFFICIAL and available at our Downloads Page.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the open beta and helped us prepare for official release of this update!

This is a recommended update for all ASP4 users.



Update 030818

⦁ Added additional option: Cloud motion effect offset – which allows user control of cloud motion logitudinal (z) axis spawn location, to move effect further forward if desired (can be helpful for improved effect depending on aircraft size and other variables).  Higher setting moves spawn point further forward.  Requires P3D 4.2+.  Will not work on P3D 4.0 or 4.1.

⦁ Fixed problem related to custom renamed wx files and lower case extension (“.wx”) preventing loading of such wx files

⦁ Added additional configuration information in LOG EXPORT function to help with support issues/troubleshooting


Update 022818

⦁ Fixed issue related to radar/data communications (with problematic detail map range) with P3D 4.1


Update 022618

⦁ Fixed issue related to wx download issue and subsequent failure of wx update on some systems


Update 021518

⦁ Fixed issue with P3D Volumetric Fog OFF where low surface vis conditions might persist to aloft altitudes without clearing appropriately