ASP4 Update 071818 Posted with P3D 4.3 Compatibility

ASP4 Update 071818 (B6773) has been posted officially!  Thanks to everyone who participated in the OPEN BETA process.  This new update provides P3D v4.3 compatibility as well as some improvements and fixes.

Download the update from our downloads page!


Update 071818

⦁ Privacy Policy display/process fixes including fix for repeating policy acceptance form after previously being accepted

⦁ Additional “cut off text” fixes for main form at 150% and 1280×800 resolution

⦁ Added new functionality and “Default local IP adress” option when multiple local IP addresses for the ASP4 computer have been detected, and allows confirmation/selection of the desired IP address – This will resolve issues in some rare networking configurations where ASP4 previously may not choose the correct default IP address – Does not effect most users

⦁ Added new Privacy Policy display and form allowing user to accept or cancel/close.  When policy is updated, it will be shown again and user asked to accept or cancel/close – Find our latest privacy policy at

⦁ Adjusted font sizing for certain main screen UI elements to prevent “cut off text” in some font-scaled modes

⦁ P3D v4 compatibility updates

⦁ Added airport and data station EGNK (you must update your local station database or manually add this station to see this change)

⦁ API: Added a way to add custom weather (using CustomWeather.xml) using lat/lon

⦁ Fixed issues and added additional handling related to loading/saving/sharing weather files

⦁ Fixed issue with manual wx setting gusting speed >0 and wind speed >99

⦁ Fixed problem with XGauge display “PRE” button toggle in TOPS mode where display would not properly show echo tops

⦁ Added additional warning text in custom weather setting when tstorm/precip/CB settings are inconsistent which might present unexpected results