ASP6 Update 090123 Posted

This latest update is the release candidate for ASP6, and includes some fixes for networked installations.

All ASP6 Early Access users should get the update now at our downloads page!


Update 090123

  • Installation process fixes affecting network and new installations

Update 082523

  • Fixes for automatic version support

Update 082023

  • Added P3D v6 6.0.30+ and later potential future version automatic support (some P3D version updates may require ASP6 updates)
  • Miscellaneous installation process fixes

Update 081023

  • Added P3D v6 6.0.30 (patch 3) support
  • Added new version handing/checking system for more rapid future version updates
  • Added latest VC++ redistributables to ASConnect installer, solving potential dependency and module load failure when installed in network configuration
  • Added SimBrief support including auto load simbrief and simbrief id options
  • Fixed integration issue with Air Hauler flight plans not loading in ASP6 due to missing FPType value (now defaults to IFR if not specified)
  • Updated documentation

Update 072223

  • Fixed issue relating to new installs/reinstalls and Add-ons folder path selection/ASConnector install loop
  • UI adjustments

Update 071923

  • Added backwards P3D v5 compatibility for detailed radar API, so that third party aircraft radar displays with ASP3D (v5) radar compatibility will work with ASP6 (in legacy non-volumetric clouds mode)
  • Documentation updated

Note: The module name has changed from as_connect.dll to as_connect_v5.dll to establish backwards compatibility. When installing then running this update for the first time, the module/addon configuration will may be updated and a simulator restart required message may be shown. Restart your simulator to enable the configuration change if you see this message.

Update 071723

  • Added P3D v6 6.0.28 (patch 2) support
  • Added additional messages/proper handling when P3D version mismatch exists and ASP6 needs update
  • Reduced upper CDD maximum (for minimum and maximum cloud draw distance options) to 110 instead of 180 due to flicker and other issues found at higher CDD settings with P3Dv6
  • Reduced default CDD min/max to 100 (was 110) for better default performance with P3D v6 – Higher CDD settings have higher performance penalties
  • Documentation updated

Note: If you have previously changed cloud draw distance settings, it is recommended to check your minimum and maximum cloud draw distance settings after updating to confirm they are as expected given the new defaults and maximums.