ASXP Update B6927 Posted

Active Sky XP Update Build 6927 has been posted and is recommended for all ASXP users. This fixes a few issues found post-release. Please update at your convenience from our downloads page at

Update 6927 December 19, 2018 (1.0.6927.25578)

  • Adjusted options text for XP turb override to be a litle more clear regarding only surface conditions data, not actual winds experienced, being limited in this mode
  • Fixed discrepancy in voice flightwatch option description regarding com1/com2 use (you can use either radio, as long as it is enabled for listen mode in your intercom)
  • UI improvements during sign-in process to prevent whitespace/trailing characters in some fields
  • Implemented minimum X-Plane version checking (11.26) and warning/shutdown if below minimum version
  • Fixed issue with mode setting when shutting down ASXP and X-Plane is still running
  • Fixed problem with some “steam/normal hybrid” installations causing potential crashing issues
  • Fixed issue related to GMT/local time when using Force to Sim Time option