AS16 and ASN Hotfix 021517 Released

Update B6255 a.k.a. Hotfix 021517 has been released!  This new update provides a few fixes and is a recommended update for all AS16 and ASN users.

Please download the update from our downloads page.

Changelog for AS16 for P3D/FSX Hotfix 021517
– P3D Experimental upper visibility depiction handling change via previous HotFix made permanent
– Fixed issue where CPU usage would climb and app may eventually crash if Wake Turbulence Strength setting was set to zero (disabled)
(Experimental upper visibility depiction handling change with Volfog on (P3D), attempts to increase apparent visibility while still masking cloud draw distance using typical “masking” upper max visibility settings of approximately 80 miles)

Changelog for ASN for P3D/FSX Hotfix 021517
– Fixed CPU usage increase issue when Wake Turbulence Strength option was set to zero (disabled)
– Fixed issue where custom/manual weather would not export into current_wx_snapshot.txt file