Open Beta Updates Build 7180 Now Available

Open Beta Update 082919 (Build 7180) for ASXP, ASP4 and AS2016 is now available. This update provides recent adjustments, fixes and enhancements for the best experience possible.

Open Beta Updates are provided for convenience and should be used at your own risk, as they may contain bugs or other issues that have not yet been discovered.

Please download the updates from our downloads page:

Update 082919 Changelogs:

– Fixed issue with surface layer/aloft layer inter-layer interpolation at airports approx 5000ft agl, and a related issue with airports over 3000ft agl
– Fixed issue with “Save manual changed” coming up when changing mode through http/API
– Changed max email address length in forgot password form to 64 vs 30 (was preventing resets for users with long email addresses)

⦁ P3D 4.5 compatibility updates
⦁ Made a change to prevent repeated “Cannot control ambient winds” messages
⦁ Attempted fix for rare apparent false-positive MS Defender issue causing crash on startup
⦁ Attempted fix for failure of sim connection to activate due to elevation access check failure during connection/interface activation steps
⦁ Attempted fix for UnauthorizedAccessException on hosts file potentially related to recent windows update
⦁ Added .NET 2.0 to installation package to avoid potential issue on some systems with specific .NET 3.5 configurations
⦁ Fixed issue with invalid surface layer wind conditions at some airports near 5000ft elevation
⦁ Fixed wind inter-layer interpolation bug when ground elevation was above 3000ft

AS2016 (FSX/P3D Versions):
– Multiple miscellanious fixes/adjustments ported from other more recent product(s)
– Wind layer fixes/adjustments when airports are around 5000ft elevation