ASP3D B8557 Posted

B8557 has been posted, replacing the previous B8538. This solves a P3D 5.3.17 compatibility issue and becomes the new official build for ASP3D. All users should update ASAP. Download now from our downloads page!


Update – June 6, 2023

– [06/06/23] Fixed issue with previous 8538 build and P3D 5.3.17 compatibility (P3D Connector Logging Error)

– [06/06/23] Adjusted download interval option defaults for updated network policies

– [05/17/23] Prepar3D v5.4 compatibility added

– [12/12/22] Resolved login/connectivity issues for some users

– [09/27/22] New license handling and application support for additional license types

– [05/10/22] Implemented new multiple licenses for a single user account/email address support including simultaneous usage of multiple licenses/devices on a single account

NOTE: This is only for licenses activated on or after May 10, 2022.  Previously activated licenses using separate email accounts, as previously required, will continue to use individual email/accounts

NOTE: For new licenses, to associate the new license to an existing account, simply use the standard LOGIN method with the existing email account, and new installations of ASP3D will ask for the new license key on first login, where you will enter your new license key.

– [03/17/22] Fixed issue with Installation showing error message regarding VC++ runtime redistributables, if a newer version was already installed – Also updated message if a general error during VC++ redistributable installation occurs, indicating that operation can normally continue as long as the redistributables have been installed previously, or will be installed manually