ASP3D RC2 Posted! With P3D 5.1+HF1 support

RC2 has been posted and is now available at our downloads page! This is available for all existing ASP3D Open Beta participants who have already registered and activated their ASP3D account prior to October 10, 2020. We expect official release very soon.

Thanks to all who have participated in the Open Beta! Please report any remaining bugs/issue via the ASP3D Open Beta Forum ASAP.


RC #2 – November 19, 2020

  • P3D compatibility updates
  • Fixed P3D v5.0 compatibility problem causing simconnect version mismatch errors
  • Redesigned EA-mode depiction and interpolation logic to provide more accurate and expected results – Requires a flight plan to be loaded so proper priority is placed on your departure/destination airports and wx stations vs. other airports/stations in adjacent areas with potentially differing weather – NOTE: In EA-Mode, EA cloud depiction expected will be shown in Conditions screen (METAR decoded text) under the raw interpolated conditions METAR string – These conditions can differ due to EA mode depiction implementation and limitations as well as timing of visual weather updates
  • Changed EA-mode thunderstorm/CB synthesis for better depiction results
  • Changed EA-mode Cirrus generation/synthesis to use lower coverages (few and sct) to reduce gridding visual cloud draw issues with EA mode
  • Fixed EA-mode potential cloud layer conflict issues which could create wx UI errors in P3D or lead to unexpected no-cloud (clear skies) depiction
  • Added LTFG and SCQP stations to data servers (to see this change, you may need to update your station database via station tool, set station type = weather stations, press reset to defaults button)
  • Installer adjustments to prevent potential revision issues
  • Attempted improvements to all EA mode volumetric cloud parameters for reduced grid effect – This will be consistently changed/improved along with new expected P3D builds
  • Adjusted EA stratus cloud volumetric cloud parameters for reduced grid effect at all coverages by attempted stratocumulus perlucidus appearance

NOTE: For ASCA compatibility, ASCA SP3 Build 7471+ must be installed. Update to this build available from our downloads page at – a clean install (via uninstall/remove saved data/reinstall/update) is recommended to avoid any content conflict issues with the new P3D add-on folder configuration.