ASP3D RC4 Posted

Thanks go out to our development team who has been working tirelessly for months now to address issues, reconfigure designs, and keep up with the frequent and considerable changes to each new P3D build. Thanks also to all our BETA participants who have worked hard to test and provide great feedback to help us get things to where they are today!

RC4 focuses on EA transitions and smooth theme reloads, improved softer cloud appearance, and general fixes as reported in Open Beta feedback.

We’ve attempted to bring quicker EA “rapid transition” theme reloads during initial session and changed position/refresh-initiated conditions changes. It will still take a little time to settle to the appropriate conditions, but this should occur much more rapidly (over about 20 seconds) versus 2-3 minutes as per normal EA smooth theme reloads.

We’ve also worked on further EA accuracy/consistency with or without flight plan use. Weather updates during flight will occur at 15 minute intervals in most cases, preventing excessive cloud scene updates. A flight plan is highly recommended for the best accuracy and experience using EA mode.

You can download and install the latest RC4 update from ourĀ downloads page. Report any issues ASAP in theĀ ASP3D OPEN BETA Forum.

Thanks everyone! We look forward to releasing ASP3D very soon.

Changelog – RC4 B7638 (November 29, 2020)

  • ASP3D EA Volumetric cloud configuration adjustments based on RC3 feedback (much softer look, less edge detail, stratus layers re-introduced, and other various adjustments)
  • EA dynamic cloud movement improvements with wind
  • EA visual consistency improvements during transitions and sim UI use
  • EA smooth theme reload consistency improvements to prevent sync issues and reduce potential rapid transitions
  • EA smooth theme reload transition acceleration implemented during location changes/manual refreshes
  • EA volumetric fog smoothing improvements to sync with new smooth theme reload improvements
  • Fixed compatibility issue with P3D v5.1 RTM (without HF1) causing connection issues and other dpeiction problems – NOTE: HF1 or later is REQUIRED for proper ASP3D functionality and full feature set including EA smooth theme reloads – 5.1 RTM will now operate without major errors, but is not officially supported and not recommended