ActiveSky P3D Released!

ActiveSky P3D is the latest weather engine from HiFi Simulation Technologies, providing dual P3D v5/v4 integration with advanced Enhanced Atmospherics (trueSKY) features!

Advanced EA features include cloud scene smoothing via EA smooth theme reloads, visibility and volumetric fog smoothing, EA-tuned depiction and transition handling for the best balance of accuracy and smoothness, ASP3D-controlled EA volumetric cloud configuration (optional), and dynamic EA cloud movement control for the best EA experience possible.

While EA mode has received a lot of attention, non-EA mode is also fully supported and expanded with many improvements in general weather synthesis and depiction based on feedback over the past years.  ASCA continues to be fully supported (with ASCA SP3) for fully dynamic non-EA cloud and sky graphics content integration.

P3D add-on folder specification compliance has also been added to ASP3D, keeping all items out of the P3D folders to aid in a clean installation and upgrade process.  Other technology improvements include internal direct networking communications, no longer requiring SimConnect networked configuration for running different components on different machines over a network, and a new universal XGauge design that works for all aircraft without needing specific panel installation.

Many additional improvements and features are included in ASP3D, taking the P3D weather simulation experience further than ever before.  But the work is not done!  Continuous improvements focusing on EA, visuals, and realism are planned to coincide with new P3D versions expected by the Prepar3D Development Team.  As always, this new version represents a huge step forward, but is only part of our never-ending efforts to constantly improve weather for desktop flight simulation.

ASP3D went into OPEN BETA testing in May 2020, available to previous licensed ASP4 customers.  ASP3D OPEN BETA signups were originally intended to end by July but were extended to October 10th 2020.  All those who signed up in the OPEN BETA by creating an ASP3D user account during the OPEN BETA signup period were provided a complementary free upgrade to the official released version. Those OPEN BETA ASP3D accounts will remain in full effect indefinitely, automatically converted to official ASP3D customer user accounts.

Previous ASP4 customers who did not participate in the OPEN BETA, and previous AS16 (FSX or P3D) users are eligible for a discounted upgrade price of over 35% off the regular standard price.

To learn more about ASP3D or to download now, visit the ASP3D product page.