ASXP and AS16 for FSX Update 082520

A small update is provided to resolve a few issues. See changelog below.

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ASXP Update 082520 (B7542)

  • ASXPConnect plugin (ID=HiFi) module version updated to
  • Fixed an interpolation issue affecting temperature at higher elevation airports
  • Fixed a VATSIM METAR fetching issue where VATSIM data was not downloaded even when option enabled and flight plan loaded (NOTE: METARs that are exclusive to use for VATSIM ONLY will not be downloaded due to data licensing concerns – These METARs would contain RMK VATSIM USE ONLY when looked up via VATSIM)
  • Fixed an issue in .fms flight plan parsing related to trailing spaces

AS2016 for FSX Update 082520 (B7542)

  • Fixed a VATSIM download issue