ASXP B7494 Now Official

Active Sky XP B7494 has been posted officially! Thanks to those who participated in the recent OPEN BETA process.

This update focuses on some stability fixes for recent issues found related to API changes and improvements in latest X-Plane betas. Improved TCAS/Traffic and wake turbulence data should provide a better experience all around especially with traffic add-ons.

Visit our downloads page to download.


Update 070820 – July 8, 2020

  • Added version logging of ASXPConnect plugin module during initialization (to log.txt)
  • Updated weather download processes
  • Misc fixes related to TCAS/radar usage and attempted fix for potential associated crashes with new 11.50 beta builds
  • General fixes and improvements in traffic data, map display and wake turbulence simulation data
  • ASXPConnect plugin (ID=HiFi) module version updated to

Update 061920 – June 19, 2020

  • Fix for Oculus fix version of X-Plane 11.41r1 causing crash when used with ASXP
  • Fix for traffic add-on/TCAS usage causing crash in as_xconnect module related to recent X-Plane beta 11.50b9 API changes breaking backwards compatibility
  • Added new API functionality to provide Turbulence and AS active status to custom datarefs
  • Added new SkyMaxx Pro depiction mode which enables new SMP integration reducing cloud layer limit and supplying new cloud layer type data
  • Now compatible and integrated with XPRealistic Pro V2
  • Now compatible and integrated with SkyMaxx Pro with Real Weather Connector
  • Now compatible with Traffic Global for X-Plane