Network changes and online availability

Due to various reasons including unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we are required to adjust our network infrastructure. These adjustments will increase efficiency, help manage costs, and enable us to maintain, support, and develop on current-generation platforms.

As part of this, effective immediately, online network resources have been retired for previously-retired products including ASE, ASA, and AS2012. Online access is no longer available for these products, but offline mode and all offline features/functionality will continue.

We regret that we are unable to continue maintaining, managing and servicing these previously-retired products, but our situation does not enable us to. We also regret that we were unable to offer better communication and notice before this event occurred.

For those affected by this, we appreciate your understanding and your support, and hope that you will consider upgrading to the several available recent and current-generation products available.

Recent and current-generation products including AS16, ASCA, ASP4, ASP3D, ASXP and ASXP12 will continue with full network availability.