ASXP12 Official Update 011024

Update 011024 (B8775) has been posted officially for ASXP12! This update brings several fixes and enhancements. Download it now from our downloads page! Changelog: Update 011024 Fixed issue with temperatures forcing to 0C in some cases, causing invalid temperature simulation as well as potential flight stability issues Update 010424 Fixed issue related to historical downloads[…]

ASP6 Update Officially Posted with P3D v6.1 Compatibility

Update 123123 (B8765) Fixed issue with GRIB NOAA download and data processing for cached use resulting in invalid GRIB data/interpolation in data-sparse areas (for example, unintended snow/freezing temps in tropical oceanic areas) Fixed issue with moisture, clouds and precipitation in data-sparse areas related to GRIB data processing Update 121623 (B8750) Updated Navigraph data with AIRAC cycle 2210[…]