ASP6 Update Officially Posted with P3D v6.1 Compatibility

Update 123123 (B8765)

  • Fixed issue with GRIB NOAA download and data processing for cached use resulting in invalid GRIB data/interpolation in data-sparse areas (for example, unintended snow/freezing temps in tropical oceanic areas)
  • Fixed issue with moisture, clouds and precipitation in data-sparse areas related to GRIB data processing

Update 121623 (B8750)

  • Updated Navigraph data with AIRAC cycle 2210
  • P3D v6.1 compatibility updates and auto version support and handling adjustments (for future 6.1 updates)
  • New hybrid HiFi DataNet and NOAA data download system that uses NOAA for current/live weather and within 10 past 10 days of historical weather, and automatically switches source to HiFi DataNet if previously attempted source fails
  • Fixed issue with international sigmet parsing and recent Navigraph Data causing erroneous polygons for some FIR areas
  • Improved data coverage and resolution (geographic and temporal aspects)
  • Improved airmet/sigmet and storm processing accuracy
  • Fixed issue with negative VV elements in METAR strings causing corrupt download issue

Note: When using NOAA downloads, download processes may take longer than HiFi DataNet especially using historical mode, which may take 2-3 minutes on average during the first download, and significantly less time during subsequent downloads as some data/processing is cached.  See the Activity status message on the AS main screen (top left) for detailed status/progress information.

To download this update, click here for the downloads page.