ASXP12 Official Update 011024

Update 011024 (B8775) has been posted officially for ASXP12!

This update brings several fixes and enhancements.

Download it now from our downloads page!


Update 011024

  • Fixed issue with temperatures forcing to 0C in some cases, causing invalid temperature simulation as well as potential flight stability issues

Update 010424

  • Fixed issue related to historical downloads > 10 days on DataNet resulting in download failure

Update 010324

  • Fixed issue with cumulus clouds creating precip always (related to SDK cloud types)
  • Updated Navigraph data with AIRAC cycle 2210
  • New hybrid HiFi DataNet and NOAA data download system that uses NOAA for current/live weather and within past 10 days of historical weather, and automatically switches source if previously attempted source fails
  • Fixed issue with international sigmet parsing and recent Navigraph Data causing erroneous polygons for some FIR areas
  • Improved data coverage and resolution (geographic and temporal aspects)
  • Improved airmet/sigmet and storm processing accuracy
  • Slightly reduced turbulence effect in general
  • Reduced turbulence effect for light aircraft under 2000lbs
  • Fixed issue with negative VV elements in METAR strings causing corrupt download issue
  • UI Adjustments / fixes for toolbar background color in various pages/screens
  • Added new user option (Sim Depiction Options): Disable XP12 temperature setting – This is useful for helicopters, as using the XP12 SDK is causing occasional crashing due to apparent bug with temp layer setting
  • Updated documentation to reflect changes

Note: When using NOAA downloads, download process may take longer than HiFi DataNet especially using historical mode, which may take 2-3 minutes on average.  See the Activity status message in the Status section (top right) of the main application home page.