ASP4 Update 071818 Posted with P3D 4.3 Compatibility

ASP4 Update 071818 (B6773) has been posted officially!  Thanks to everyone who participated in the OPEN BETA process.  This new update provides P3D v4.3 compatibility as well as some improvements and fixes. Download the update from our downloads page! Changelog: Update 071818 ⦁ Privacy Policy display/process fixes including fix for repeating policy acceptance form after[…]

ASP4 Open Beta Update 030818 Available

ASP4 Update 030818 (B6641) with a new cloud motion effect offset option, several fixes, also featuring P3D v4.2 compatibility, is now OFFICIAL and available at our Downloads Page.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the open beta and helped us prepare for official release of this update! This is a recommended update for all ASP4[…]

ASP4 Update 110417

ASP4 Update 110417 (B6517) is now officially released.  Thanks to those who participated in the previous OPEN BETA testing! This update fixes an issue with P3D 4.0 and intermittent ambients errors. To download, please visit our downloads page at Update 110417 (B6517) Changelog: – Fixed problem with intermittent ambients error issue on P3D 4.0,[…]

ASP4 Update 101517 (B6497) Posted

Update 101517 for ASP4 (B6497) is now available, fixing radar and simconnect issues with P3D 4.0.x, and cloud motion effect triggering issues in 4.1.  This is a recommended update for all ASP4 users.  Download now from our downloads page.   Changelog: Fixed issue with Radar and other SimConnect functions (also affecting radar API) on version[…]

AS16 and ASCA Updates

AS16 for P3D v3, AS16 for FSX, and ASCA hotfix 083117 has been officially released.  This hotfix provides general fixes and improvements and is a recommended update for all AS16 and ASCA users. To download, please visit our downloads page!

ASP4 Released!

Active Sky for Prepar3D v4 (ASP4) has been officially released! ASP4 incorporates P3D v4 integration using a new 64-bit interface design and brings new visibility depiction and options, 64-bit XGauge weather display and radar, new active runway information, air effects enhancements and more. ASP4 is a FREE UPGRADE for AS16 for P3D users.  Previous-generation product[…]

Active Sky for P3Dv4 OPEN BETA

  Latest Update: July 17, 2017: Thank you everyone for your participation in the Open Beta test for ASP4!  We are officially concluding the OPEN BETA period and are pending release.  Please see the ASP4 product page for details!   Previous OPEN BETA information:   What is ASP4? Active Sky for P3D v4 (ASP4) is[…]

Active Sky for P3Dv4 announcement

Introducing Active Sky for P3Dv4: featuring P3Dv4 integration, a 64-bit ASConnect interface, 64-bit XGauge, improved visibility depiction, turbulence effect enhancements, active runway data and more. This will be a FREE UPGRADE for all AS16 for P3D users. Purchase AS16 for P3D (reduced AND on sale right now at a deep discount) and you’ll receive the free[…]