ASXP and AS16 for FSX Update 082520

A small update is provided to resolve a few issues. See changelog below. Download now via our Downloads Page! ASXP Update 082520 (B7542) ASXPConnect plugin (ID=HiFi) module version updated to Fixed an interpolation issue affecting temperature at higher elevation airports Fixed a VATSIM METAR fetching issue where VATSIM data was not downloaded even when[…]

ASXP B7494 Now Official

Active Sky XP B7494 has been posted officially! Thanks to those who participated in the recent OPEN BETA process. This update focuses on some stability fixes for recent issues found related to API changes and improvements in latest X-Plane betas. Improved TCAS/Traffic and wake turbulence data should provide a better experience all around especially with[…]

ASP3D Announced!

ActiveSky P3D for Prepar3D v5 and Prepar3D v4 has been announced! This new weather engine product from HiFi is the next generation weather simulation engine for the Prepar3D platform. Redesigned backend systems, new P3D add-on specification package design and compliance, new universal XGauge design with no panel installation requirement, new SimConnect networking replacement, new wx[…]

ASP4 and ASXP Updates Official!

P3Dv4.5 HF3 compatibility, further fixes, adjustments, and network/stability improvements highlight these latest updates. Thanks to everyone who participated in the OPEN BETA! See our Downloads Page to download the update(s) now! Changelogs: Update 041920 – Active Sky XP (ASXP) X-Plane compatibility updates Fixed issue with API regarding multiple sigmets not being returned Changed registration process[…]

Prepar3D v5 Information

With the recent announcement of Prepar3D v5 coming soon, we wanted to provide an update on Active Sky development and our plans pertaining to this new upcoming simulator version. We have been, and are currently working hard on support for Prepar3D v5.   As you know, Prepar3D v5 includes a new optional cloud visualization system using[…]

Planned Maintenance and downtime – Completed

Update: Maintenance is complete. If you experience any network issues, please let us know by opening a ticket at Thank you! System-wide maintenance is scheduled Monday March 9th, 2020 between 17:00 and 22:00 Z/GMT. We will be upgrading our backend services in order to provide a better experience for all users. During this maintenance[…]