Development News Update

Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since we’ve provided a development news update.  Let’s get right to it! We’ve been hard at work, with much of our efforts being behind the scenes, as we’ve maintained and upgraded our products to work with the latest simulator platform versions/updates.   X-PlaneX-Plane v12’s recent release, with a brand-new[…]

ASP3D Major Update B8080 Officially Released!

Over several months and many updates, in lockstep with new P3D builds, ASP3D has evolved to offer the best weather simulation experience possible on the latest versions of the P3D v5 and P3D v4 platforms. This latest official ASP3D update incorporates all the redesigns, interface changes, new functionality, adjustments and fixes that have been required.[…]

Open Beta Updates for AS16FSX and ASN:SE

We’ve posted Open Beta updates (B7968) for both AS16FSX and ASN:SE which includes a fix for Windows 11 compatibility for some users. Note that the ASN:SE update is for ASN:SE purchased through Steam/Dovetail ONLY. Older ASN-Standard (non-SE) versions will not work with this update. Please visit our downloads page to download now!

ASXP New Open Beta

ASXP B7933 Open Beta has been posted. This update fixes a new potential internet connection error for some users and another issue related to multiple pre-saved weather files being loaded. To download the update, please visit our downloads page. Changelog: Update 092021 – September 20, 2021 – Attempted fix for internet connectivity check error in[…]

ASP3D New Open Beta

ASP3D B7900 has been posted, as a new round of Open Beta testing is getting underway for those who wish to participate. Open Beta builds are optional and at your own risk, have limited testing, and they may contain bugs, errors or other issues. To download now, head over to the HiFi Downloads page. Updates[…]

ASP3D Update Officially Released

B7877 of ActiveSky P3D has been officially released. Thanks go out to everyone who participated in the Open Beta cycle! This newest update of ASP3D includes several improvements including enhanced EA (Enhanced Atmospherics) mode features with volumetric cloud transition smoothing enhancements, volumetric fog visibility improvements, better P3D version awareness and improved P3D 5.2HF1 integration. This[…]

ASP3D Update #1 Open Beta B7668 Posted

Update #1 B7668 includes several fixes and improvements, focusing on some post-release stability issues found as well as improved EA cloud visual details via a new configurable option. This update is being posted as an Open Beta for those who wish to try it before it is deemed stable and official. Please post bug reports[…]

ActiveSky P3D Released!

ActiveSky P3D is the latest weather engine from HiFi Simulation Technologies, providing dual P3D v5/v4 integration with advanced Enhanced Atmospherics (trueSKY) features! Advanced EA features include cloud scene smoothing via EA smooth theme reloads, visibility and volumetric fog smoothing, EA-tuned depiction and transition handling for the best balance of accuracy and smoothness, ASP3D-controlled EA volumetric[…]

ASP3D RC4 Posted

Thanks go out to our development team who has been working tirelessly for months now to address issues, reconfigure designs, and keep up with the frequent and considerable changes to each new P3D build. Thanks also to all our BETA participants who have worked hard to test and provide great feedback to help us get[…]